God’s Will for Me

Teacher: Mike Haberkorn

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering, “What seminar does God want me to take at RYM this year? Should I take the one on studying the Bible or on dating? Speaking of dating, does God want me to date or wait ‘til college, and who does He want me to date? Thinking of college, is it God’s will that I will go to State or the U? Ahhh! What is God’s will for my life, anyway? Does He have one? Am I in it or out of it? How do I make sure I am in God’s will?” Ok, you probably didn’t think all that just from looking at these topics. But most of us have struggled with trying to find and know God’s will for our lives. Whether deciding on colleges, dating, summer plans, friends, class schedules or burrito toppings, in things big and small, we want to know what God has planned for us and wants us to do. So come to this seminar, it’s God’s will so that I will tell you God’s will for your life. Seriously. He told me.

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