Finding Your Way in the Wilderness

Teacher: Michael Hall

While there is certainly a lot to learn in the great outdoors, this class isn't primarily concerned with finding your way home if you get lost in the woods! While some of us have known the wilderness as a real place with various challenges and difficulties, we all experience “the wilderness” in the challenging and difficult seasons of our lives. When we are “in the wilderness” we find ourselves feeling out of control (I can’t seem to do anything to change things! I can’t fix this!), without clarity 27 (Why is this even happening? How did I get here?), and also feeling a lack of consequence (Where is this going? What’s going to happen next?). Come to this class and hear how God meets His people “in the wilderness” and fills them with Himself...offering peace under His control, comfort amidst tons of questions, and courage to press on knowing He is with you. Life is hard y’all...God wants you to know that He get’s it and to experience Him right in the middle of all of it.

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