From Sinners to Saints: A Beginner’s Guide to Holiness

Teacher: Jonathan McGuire

Over 5,000 teens attempt suicide every day in America. Are you considering it? According to research, 93% of boys have seen porn by the time they're 18. Are you one of them? 75% of all boys in the USA play on a sports team. Is that what you live for, or perhaps you live for the next Snapchat selfie? Who are you, and what are you doing? We sometimes forget not only that Jesus was God, but also a genuine human guy, and Christian men following Jesus have a clear identity to confess, pursue, and fight for. You may be addicted to many things (some sexual, some not), but Christ calls you to be holy. You may feel an itch you just have to scratch in the "next big thing", trophy, or TV show—or to be the big man on campus and get respect—but holiness is more vital. Guys often believe they need "this" or "that", but without holiness, no one will see the kingdom of God. You are 25 more than your addiction, what you consume, and what you achieve. Join this class. Come hear the Scriptures, see Jesus, learn what holiness is, and how to have it. As men, nothing matters more.

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